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The village makes the difference.

There are times in this dementia journey that if Jeffrey Dahmer were to show up at the door and offer to watch Mom for a couple of hours, I would grab my hat and coat and flee for freedom hollering back, "Now, you promise not to eat her, Jeffrey? You promise?" But I doubt I would hang around for the answer. A caregiver alone is a caregiver in the isolation zone, and that's the worst part of the job. Last April I wrote that It takes a village... to help someone to the end of their lives, and how we went about building ours. The last two weekends have been an exercise in why a dementia village is crucial to caregivers - as Monsterland descended on Stumped Town Dementia, our villagers, sans pit

Welcome to Monsterland, everybody.

Since Christmas things have gone south, and then souther. Happy days have made a beeline for the borders of Stumped Town Dementia as of late. It started Christmas Eve with a rift in the foundation of the partnership The Other Girl and I have painstakingly constructed over the last two and a half years. Yes, we've got each other's backs, but we're still sisters, and when not careful we can easily revert to behaving like two pissy pre-teens accusing each other of bitchcraft while the town looks on in horror. What can I say? Dementia can pull families together and pull them apart. Over the holidays we succumbed to the latter and after two weeks of passive aggressive silence we (finally) decided

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