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March Madness

Mine, not Mom's. Things have been going okay here in Stumped Town Dementia. We're no longer in Monsterland, but we aren't exactly in a Dementia Upswing either. We've achieved a kind of Dementia Holding Pattern, with January's epic dementia-rage levels greatly lessened, resulting in a fairly mild-mannered Mom. She's even having some super awesome days. I got this text from Betty the Walking Buddy last week... "Did you give your Mom new medication??!! She was talkative and smiling this morning. I thought I would cry for happiness She had moments of my sweet friend!! I didn't always know what she said but she was engaged. It was wonderful." The Other Girl and Mother Minder (or The Other Other G

Dementia Olympics

Road trip! Visiting sisters! Getting Mom's floppy mop shorn and shaped! Should be a winner of a day, right? Well, not exactly. It wasn't a terrible day, she just woke up with a bout of the Gloomy Gusses that clung to her frame until bedtime. So, no ray-of-sunshine companion for me as we tripped up and down I-5, and it took some doing to keep her in the salon chair for her haircut, but my Aunt Butchie (beautician extraordinaire and the reason all us cousins had the exact same haircut as kids), handled her sister with humor and grace. That is, until the end when Mom decided she had definitely had enough... As I watched Butch try to out maneuver Mom to get that last nape trim in, I considered h

Dementia is a team sport.

This week, the team fell apart. When The Other Girl and I began caring for Mom 24/7 we took very different approaches to our dementia education. Mom had been diagnosed 5-years prior so we were on-deck for the personal changes she had already gone through, but the wider world of dementia was new to us. I did what I always do when starting a job in a new-to-me industry: I researched what dementia and dementia caregiving entailed to better prepare myself for the challenges. I perused all the dementia media I could find; online documentaries, caregiver blogs, caregiving and dementia books. I already knew some of what dementia might bring to the table, but I was still shocked; the stories depicte

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