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Forgive me?

I'm failing you, Mom. I'm failing you with all I've got. It's like I made a new year's resolution this year, "Work harder on failing your mother," and apparently, I'm nailing it. And I know you know it too. When you look at me with disinterested anger, I know you know I'm failing you. When you scream at me in frustration, I know you know I'm failing you. When you close your eyes to block me out, I know. You know. I'm failing you. I couldn't make you happy this Mother's Day. I took the lessons from last year's fiasco and scaled it down to just a day trip knowing you love long drives, knowing you would get to see The Other Girl, believing smiles could be achieved, and "I love you"s exchanged t

Dementia Holding Pattern

No dementia free fall into Downer Town as of late, but no soaring into the sunny skies of a Dementia Upswing either. With Mom's pull-ups offering nothing of jaw-dropping interest the last few weeks it's been a bit blasé around here, and that's just fine with us. There have however, been a few new items of note: Mom now morphs into Dementia Destroyah! a couple of times a day. Sadly, she's not destroying dementia, rather she's dementia destroying every item she can get her oatmeal encrusted fingers on; cardboard boxes, magazines, bananas, recipe book pages that prior to being minutely shredded by her while your back was turned (for one tiny second!) held the secret to that delicious meal you w

Forced dancing.

It. Is. On. Not having fun with your dementia person? Then it's time for some forced dancing! That'll teach 'em to keep that upside down in a frown. Ideally you'll want to force dance 'em on a day when you're feeling particularly goofy (potentially even still drunk from the previous evening's hijinks). That way you won't even register your dementia loved one's disdain for the activity as you haul them into your arms and force dance the crap out of 'em. Did you see that sort-of smile there? Forced dancing works! Well, kinda... she went on to have a pretty pissy day, but for a few minutes that morning she was suffused with the happiness of forced dancing hell. P.S. This isn't the last of the f

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