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Nailing it!

Don't worry about Mom, kids, while I'm flailing about in dementia wreckage of my own making, The Other Girl and MotherMinder are enjoying a dementia winning streak to rival this guy's: The Other Girl kicked off her caregiver victory lap on the Fourth of July. For three years in a row Mom and I have headed to my sister's Oregon coast town for an evening of illegal fireworks and small town camaraderie (read: epic levels of drunkenness). This year MotherMinder asked if she could tag along for fun and I was happy to have her company. But after a Momzilla, anger-fueled, 2-hour trek to get to the coast I was fed up with Mom. The woman whose one consistent pleasure is long rides in her van, the out

Teepa Snow! And then: Horrible - Part One

Thanks to Oregon Care Partners, I attended a care partner training seminar in June with none other than dementia rock star Teepa Snow! If you're unfamiliar with this energetic burst of dementia advocacy and care giving savvy she is the founder of Positive Approach to Care, and in possession of a lifetime of personal and professional experience with cognitive decline. AND she is my go-to for caregiver YouTube vids when we're sinking into a stink-hole of dementia fails. Learning from her in person, I realized her true gift is taking what you already know about dementia caring for your loved one, and tweaking that perspective enough to open up new ideas to improve the dementia journey for both

Horrible - Part Two

(Warning: An "F" bomb and a bit of food stuck in my teeth may make this video objectionable to some viewers.) I am in crisis mode, and it seems to have come out of nowhere, but looking back I realize that since Mom hit the rage stage this January my caregiver acumen has been slowly draining away. Being so slammed in June didn't help either as I had neither the time nor the will to write - something I now realize could have helped avert, or at least delay, this crisis. I've grown to rely on this process of words-to-screen to release building caregiver pressures, examine my perspectives, and realize improvements to care, for both Mom and myself. Instead, a volcano of stress has been smoldering

Back in business.

No, we didn't have a fire sale in May and close our Stumped Town Dementia doors. (I suspect no matter how big the mark-down, we probably couldn't move our one piece of inventory - Mom - without taking a big, BIG loss.) We've just been slammed, bammed, and thank you mammed the entire month of June. Both MotherMinder and myself took time off at the end of May, which resulted in me scratching and clawing my way out of a crater of financial, work, and household to-do's that left no time to-done a post or two. Was my 5-day respite vacation worth it? Hellz yeah! I came home rested and rejuvenated without having to touch my emergency bail-money fund (although, gawd knows we tried). FYI... Don't dri

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