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Too Dementia to Oscar

The curtain has gone down, the screen has gone black... in more ways than one. Damn you, Dementia. We didn't get much of an Oscar season this year. Oh sure, in my life-long career at being my mother's favorite irritant I didn't hesitate to drag her out and about for the 2020 Best Picture nominees, but I had to concede defeat early in the process when I could not keep her seated for the entirety of Little Women. I plied her with sweets at the first sign of the fidgets. I held her hand and snuggled my head on her shoulder to stifle the stirrings. I even resorted to holding up the ottoman section of her reclining seat by propping it up underneath with my foot while she struggled to push it down

Caregiver of the Year!

I'm throwing our hat in the ring for an award I'm not even sure exists because our entry is totally EPIC! Today was shower morning. A morning rife with stress. (Actually, my stress starts building the night before, Mom's hits as soon as the bathroom door closes behind her.) MotherMinder was collecting her things, readying to head out for her days off while I bustled around gathering up all the tricks of the trade to get Mom through a shower with as little anguish as possible for both of us. Portable heater on high. CHECK! Shampoo handy. CHECK! Two washcloths at the ready. CHECK! Big fluffy towel. CHECK! Hair dryer within reach. CHECK! Once the water temperature was just right and the bathroo

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