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COVID-19 has left the building. Dementia whiplash is subsiding. We've cleared the home-isolation hurdle of seven days out from COVID-19 symptoms. And we are so very grateful that our household was spared the extreme severity of the virus. My thoughts constantly turn to those who have been hit hardest by the virus: the patients who are struggling to survive, those who are separated by isolation when they desperately need the support of their loved ones, the families who's hearts are breaking over precious lives lost to COVID-19. Believe me, we know how lucky we are to be spared the worst of this disease. As survivors our quarantine could have ended a week ago, but we're playing it safe for a

Keep Calm and Carry On

Or, you know, panic... with Jello! Dementia has continually upended my world since the first day I was thrown in the ring. Now it appears to be doing double time to its obvious conclusion, not just turning my whole reality inside out but overwhelming me with dread; a paralyzing fear that my courage will abandon me, that I will fail Mom, that I will not survive what's already here. It's bizarre to have the whole world join me in this terror. Even though we are cowering from separate diseases, it is weirdly consoling (while wildly inappropriate) to have the entire planet experiencing the same devastating emotions as I am. As we all seek some foothold on normalcy and crave comfort I am sharing

Life in the fast lane.

While making our getaway from COVID-19, we ended up in the Dementia Grand Prix. Crap. Well, COVID-19, I gotta say you did a piss-poor job of taking this family down. Mom managed record time virus shedding to kick you to the curb. The Other Girl is resuming her Mom shifts this week after sleeping you out of her system. MotherMinder is getting her liveliness back after a week wasted on your exhaustion. The Boyfriend in the Basement barely produced a yawn or two above what he normally experiences. And you either missed me altogether or I'm asymptomatic or I'm Wonder Woman, immune to your germy charms. (I hope the latter is not true otherwise I'm gonna have to go out and get a whole new wardrobe

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