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A Birthday Wish

Raise a Dirty Quarantini and join me in a birthday wish! I missed The Walk to End Alzheimer's® event completely this year because, like most of us, 2020 has exhausted me. However, this is my birthday month. I will be FORMIDABLE years old! And as the fundraising component of The Walk continues, in lieu of that gift of a pony you were going to finally bestow upon me, I humbly ask you instead make a gift to the Alzheimer's Association The Walk to End Alzheimer's®, the world’s largest campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer’s, and other dementias. Join Team Stumped Town Dementia in making a gift in honor of your dementia loved one. You can make a secure, online donation here or

Erasing Her

Am I? Erasing her? She requires less of me physically. As Mom moves more into the next world she is becoming indifferent as to what is happening in this one, including her daughters smiles, goofy dances, attempts to engage her. Sometimes she is still our shadow; bumped into every time The Other Girl and I turn around. But more often than not she is equally as placated shuffling "The Loop" - bedroom to front stairs to living room to kitchen. She stops to move furniture here and there, babbles to the Mirror Lady at the end of the hall, transports bedding, placemats, boxes of tissues from one room to the other. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I use this new focused meandering of hers to focus on tasks I

Curtain Up!

Stumped Town Dementia is beyond baffled to present: Stage 7: Easier. Harder. A Lot Less Fun. A work in progress. Or shall I say, decline? ACT I: EASIER I have heard many a family caregiver on the other side of this journey say that Stage 7 is often easier than the melodramatic malfeasance of 1 through 6 that precede it. I'm finding this to be true. Much of Mom's former dementia rage has exited stage right. Her dementia-diva has also simmered down as she requires less entertainment in her day leaving us with fewer opportunities to infuriate. While we still have driving outings daily, her indifference to these grows. Alternately, her anxiety at being at home wanes. And at home, when she is not

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