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When I was a child I use to tell my parents (unasked, mind you), that when they got old I was sending Mom to live in a nursing home in Florida, and keeping Dad to myself in our Oregon home. Yeah, I was a kid who earned my spankings. As I matured my pride in being the son Dad never had faded, and I grew to revel in typical teenage disdain for both my parents. I was an adolescent even more arrogant in my thoughtlessness. When I was 28 my best friend died of ovarian cancer. For 3 years she suffered the false hope of a cure, the ravages of chemo, the anger and anguish of processing a cruel, early exit from life while those of us around her vibrated with youth. Young people with cancer do not die

Dementia Stew

A delicious concoction to cure the crazy that ails 'ya! (Or at least distract you for an hour or so.) Goodness! We've been pretty damn dementia affable around here lately. No big leaps in dementia progression. No scorched-earth dementia outburst. Not one peep of dementia caregiver fail to regale you with. Although, Mom did manage a dementia face plant in the front yard yesterday, but it didn't feel all that genuine. <sigh> Mom post-face plant, after I'd brushed all the grass and dirt off her cheeks and nose. I think she's trying to liven things up 'round here. Such a drama queen. With the lack of continual crisis it's been rather dull in our digs, so I took the time to investigate some cool

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