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A Dementia/COVID Christmas Eve

We're having a Bad Cat Christmas 'round here. How you all doing?

Miss Wonderpants "helping" wrap gifts.

I find myself on this chaotic Christmas Eve looking on the bright side. (I'm sorry, I know it's annoying but it is Christmas and I traditionally perk up this time each year at the very slim chance I might actually get that pony.)

While it's hard to find a bright side amongst a new pandemic that has taken so many, and our old friend Dementia that continues to take so many more, I've got a few silver linings up my sleeve that you too may be pleasantly experiencing...

First, has anybody else noticed, sans the threat of COVID, that they've been uncommonly healthy this year? I've usually had a cold or two by now, as has Mom and the rest of the household. But we've been decidedly sneeze-free thus far. And it's that time of year where Mom traditionally develops a bad bout of flu to send us all in a fevered frenzy, but she's currently healthy as a dementia horse! Kudos to you, COVID, year of mask-wearers.

Secondly, while I am missing holiday hooplas with friends and family something fierce, I'm also feeling incredibly relaxed this Christmas; the absence of pressure that accompanies xmas get-togethers is quite refreshing.

No stress if folks are late for our festivities, or (a more likely scenario) Mom and I are late for theirs!

No worries if Christmas dinner takes longer to prepare than planned - no starving guests to disappoint if cooking time was wildly miscalculated. And as we've cut gift giving to almost nil to avoid fiscal frivolity in an economically devastating year, there's a lack of apprehension that the gifts I've excitedly chosen will bomb with their recipients (to my annual dismay).

And lastly, nobody has not invited me to anything this year! (Okay, this may just be a boon to me as I rarely get an invitation twice because I'm... uh... TOO FUN!

I've felt a calmness this year (while concern for COVID had me donning masks and gloves everywhere I go), that doesn't override missing the warmth of the traditional holiday hubbub, but has given me a new perspective on the beauty of a simplified season.

I have cherished even more those I can access, and appreciated what is within my reach - Mom, The Boyfriend in the Basement, and myself for a Christmas day of good food and as much love for each other as we can muster.

Of course, tomorrow when Mom is sticking her hands in every dish I am attempting to prepare, I'll probably lose that holiday cheer repeatedly and loudly, but on this Dementia/COVID Christmas Eve I hope you too experience a calm warmth during this less-than-festive season.

I took Mom to not-look at the Christmas lights in Keizer, Oregon this year!

She not-looked good.


As 2020 stays true to its insidious nature there is much to mourn for households all over the world. Many will experience the pain of empty places at their family table from mandatory distancing or death. My heartfelt condolences for you readers who are separated from family members this season.

Peace to you all.

Peace to the world.

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3 opmerkingen

19 jan. 2021

Between COVID and Mom's absence, the holidays were a mixed bag. I got to spend a few hours with the closest of my circle of cousins on Christmas Eve and with a friend who was likewise alone on Christmas Day. There were moments that were unexpectedly good and then plummeted to the depths.

Hope you did get some peace!!! Here's to 2021. Hoping it's really NOT hiking a look over to its predecessor and boldly proclaiming: "Here -- hold my beer!" :-)


Lickety Glitz
Lickety Glitz
27 dec. 2020

Kerri, I am so grateful you took the time to let me know our cast of dementia characters is helping you and your dementia household through your days. This is such an incredible compliment that I will pass on to the riffraff around here.

I don't know how to get through this journey any other way than to acknowledge the devastation and laugh, laugh, cry at the absurdity. It sounds like our families have similar humorous coping mechanisms!

We did have a good Christmas! Relaxed, good food. Mom shoveled sweet potato casserole and pineapple stuffing in her face like nobody's business! How did you and your Mom do?

Happy new year to you and yours! I'll try and keep my…


Kerri Gumbert Ebertowski
Kerri Gumbert Ebertowski
27 dec. 2020

I have to say, I have been to numerous support groups, have a plethora of family I can talk to and mom has great doctors, but your blog has done more to help me through these first 6 years since Mom's diagnosis than all of the above put together. Your mix of seriousness, humor and sarcasm is exactly what we use in my own family to get us through the tough days and somehow your blogs always seem to arrive in my mailbox on the exact days I need it most. So thank you and Merry Christmas to you, your mom, MotherMinder, Other Girl and Boyfriend in the Basement. You are appreciated!

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