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Dementia Birthday!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Our dementia doll racks up another year and proves she is still the cat's meow!

Here at Stumped Town Dementia, U.S.A. we spent much of February swinging and slinging birthday cheer all over the joint! Is she another year older? Yep! Is she another year wiser? Nope! Can she blow out the candles all on her own? Not on your life, but that didn't stop her from enjoying the spotlight at celebrations in her honor! And the desserts.

Mom mostly enjoyed the desserts. In fact, she prolly could of done without all the rest of us and been quite happy with an endless supply of cupcakes.

No matter! We had a thrilling week of sugar-highs and howdy-do's for our favorite dementia dame!

So, Happy Birthday, Mother!

You'll always be one heck of a broad in our book.

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