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Mad Skills

Caregivers, it is time we acknowledge our superpowers.

We aren't immortal. We can't fly. We don't have x-ray vision, nor a handy cloak of invisibility to confound our foe. (Although, we have been known to hide in closets during times of deep dementia duress).

But we are Heroes of Dementia.

Captains of Caregiving.

Men and women of steel, possessing super strength against a mighty villain; knocked down repeatedly only to regenerate again and again, linked in arms against our own personal kryptonite: Dementia.

While other heroes construct gadgets in underground hideouts we cunningly improvise formidable strategies while in the thick of battle.

Our superpowers are... uh... unique! And to the untrained eye may not appear all that extraordinary, but we're up against no ordinary super villain - force fields won't stop it, web swinging won't evade it, lasers shot out of eyeballs would only piss it off and invoke a rampage. No, our foe requires a much more subtle, stealthy approach.

My fellow champions, wipe off the fight for a few, and revel in our Mad Skills!

Rarely victorious, we none the less suit up daily to champion our dementia loved ones.

How heroic is that?

So, don't ever forget you are a Hero of Dementia. The battle is already lost, but you still show up for the fight.

P.S. Mad props to anyone who can identify the theme music before the credits roll!


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