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Downer Town: The Sequel

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Since so many of you asked, here's an update on me and Mom's stay in Downer Town last week:

Nope. It never got better.

In fact, Mom may still be stuck there. I dunno. The Other Girl came back from vacation so I immediately evacuated to greener pastures. And sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I haven't recovered enough yet to ask how The Other Girl's faring.

I have, however, mustered some semblance of care partner responsibility and contacted Mom's psych doctor, regurgitated the horrific sadness Mom has been steeped in for over a week, and asked for advice. Dr. Susan diagnosed it as depression and prescribed Zoloft to treat. While I am loathed to add yet another medication to Mom's daily regimen, upon reflection I've decided that Mom wanting to kill herself for 10 days straight is an indication that she needs some pharmaceutical help. Zoloft, do your best.

While it is my fervent hope to never again land Mom and I in the middle of Downer Town, I have these photos to remind me of what it looks like, so maybe next time I can identify it sooner and detour faster, 'cause I sure blew it this time.

Here's a picture of Mom not having fun at the park.

This is Mom not having fun at the cat cafe. The cat wasn't having fun either, but cat's don't care much about that, so it just went to sleep.

In case you were wondering, Mom looks like this when she's not having fun at OMSI.

Even though Mom's not having fun at the Portland Opera preview,

she's no fool, she knew to finish that pink donut.

But I'm sure she didn't have fun doing it.

Not. One. Bit.


Jeeee-zusssss! What a week. (Downer Town Week 1)

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