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Lock up your sons and daughters, Florida...

...Wine, Women, & Dementia is headed your way!

Thank you, Julien Dubuque Int'l Film Festival, festival team, volunteers, and audience members for making our World Premiere screenings of Wine, Women, and Dementia such incredible successes! The first show was standing room only, and both Q&As were an absolute delight. It was a thrill to meet family caregivers who deeply connected to the film and were appreciative of being represented in the dementia journey. I even got to meet a couple of long-time Stumped Town Dementia readers!

Donna & Jerry, Stumped Town Dementia readers, now Wine, Women, & Dementia watchers!

The two coolest people in Dubuque, our filmmaker homestay hosts, Jerry & Kris. You wanna know how cool they are? Nobody told them I was coming with Mr. Bones, and they didn't bat an eye when Barnaby jumped out of the car and ran right into their house! I think there was some concern when he threw up on their carpet a few hours later, but they rolled with it.

The two coolest volunteers at the festival, Nancy & Michelle. You wanna know how cool they are? They didn't turn a single audience member away when the seats got filled. Maybe that's what the people of Dubuque are best at, rolling with it. :)


Next up on the festival circuit is Vero Beach Film Festival in Vero Beach, Florida!

Yep, we're bringing this dementia family caregiver flick to the Sunshine State, June 7 - 11, 2023. We do not have the screening schedule yet, but you can purchase passes and tickets now, then chose your films later. And share this news with your Floridian friends and relatives!


We've been flirting pretty heavy with the media as of late. I think they're starting to notice, those coy devils!

Check out my interview with Gadi Elkon of Selig Film News about the making of Wine, Women, & Dementia and find out my answer to the question "What is your favorite wine?"

Tune into AM Northwest on Tuesday, May 8, to catch me talking about the film with host Helen Raptis. You can watch live at 9 am PT on local Portland station KATU 2, stream through the KATU 2 website, or providers fuboTV and DIRECTTV.

If you missed the willGather podcast you can catch it here: The Road Trip that Connected the Dementia Caregiver Community.

After figuring out how Android Auto works on the roadtrip to Dubuque and back I listened a couple of times because host Nicole Will makes me sound smart. ;)

And finally, this Wednesday I'll be joining Elizabeth Miller of Happy Healthy Caregiver on Instagram Live, May 10th, noon EST. It's the precursor live event to the invite only Happy Heathy Caregiver Virtual Cafe, on Wednesday, May 24th, noon EST. The Virtual Cafe will include a preview of Wine, Women, and Dementia by invitation only, so be sure to follow Happy Healthy Caregiver on Instagram and/or TikTok to be a part of the cool kids!

p.s. I found a fav new podcast to scare the bejeezus out of myself while driving lonely stretches of highway: Unexplained - spooky!

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