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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As I was tucking Mom in tonight, she was a little worrisome. As her eyes drooped with sleep I softly said to her what I've said to her a thousand times before, "You are safe." Her eyes opened fully, "Are you sure?" she whispered. I smiled into those wide eyes that were searching my face for comfort. "Mom," I whispered back, "I shall slay all your dragons." She beamed at me as her eyes dropped to sleep.

The tears started slowly. I brushed them back as I tidied the living room, picked up the dirty glasses, turned on the stove light should she get up and need to see her way around her home. When I reached the basement, I crumpled into my boyfriend and shook with weeping. I can not slay all the dragons. The Other Girl and I are reaching the point where we can no longer protect her from what's coming. My heart broke from the truth.

I do not indulge in heartbreak very often. My heartbreak doesn't comfort Mom, doesn't make me stronger, impedes my ability to get the job done. But when it hits, it crushes me to my core, destroying the facade I have carefully constructing that somehow I can fix this.

I can not.

Tonight, my heart is breaking.


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