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Oh you Kings and Queens of Dementia

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

A reminder to myself that even when I stumble and fall I am still a dementia warrior.

Oh you Kings and Queens of Dementia

Who are trapped in the throes of the disease

I wish you a smooth path

Dappled with unexpected joys, unabashed love

To light the darkness

And a peaceful passing

When it is your turn to move on

Oh you Sons and Daughters of Dementia

You Spouses, you Lovers, you Friends

Who toil in service to those snug in your heart

I wish you courage

When you are empty, worn thin

Oh to us on the front lines

Who do battle everyday

The brain has turned against us

Yet we soldier on

Warriors living with

Champions fighting for


Lest we forget, we are


Of home spun castles

Of memory care fortresses


Who will lay down our swords in sorrow, in gratitude

When the battle is finally lost

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Lickety Glitz
Lickety Glitz
Jan 07, 2020

MG, you have my heart. Thank you for letting me know our journey has made a difference on the path you are still treading. I will need your words when it is my turn to be where you are.

Peace to you as you continue to heal and grieve.


Jan 07, 2020

I gasped and then wept when I read this. My mom died in September. Oh, those last three lines. Oh. I was going to say, "You have no idea..." but of course you do, exquisitely. Good tears. Thanks.

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