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Mom is free.

Mom passed away this evening.

All of us here at Stumped Town Dementia are grateful that you have accompanied us on this journey. We thank you for bolstering our bravery, picking us up when we fell hard and fast, joining us in laughter, commiserating with us in tears.

I have something else to ask of you.

If you would be so kind as to pour yourself a favorite beverage and do these three things:

Send up a "Cheers!" to our mother Gloria, for a life well-lived before and after dementia.

Send up a "Cheers!" to your dementia person or people, whether they are currently giving you one helluva sleepless night or have already passed on to greet my mother in the hereafter.

Send up a "Cheers!" to yourself, for your caregiver successes, your caregiver fails, your caregiver courage, and most of all, for your caregiver heart.

Mom is free. She now sees what you all have done for her daughters. Who knows?

She may just "Cheers!" you right back for that.

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Nancy Saff
Nancy Saff
Apr 10, 2021

I was just checking in and saw this on I want to say "Hallelujah" to Gloria! My mom passed last July and I actually clapped for her. It was a relief. A joy really. Only now (months and months later) I feel more sad...because who she really is and was has taken over in my memory. If I try, I can recall the hard times, but mostly I just remember the "real" her and now I miss her a lot. Thank you for sharing your story and ideas, as it helped me during my brief time with a loved one with dementia.


Mar 17, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to give me advice about my mom yesterday and in the midst of all you are going through. Cheers to your mom and to the peace that she so very much deserves. Candyfiend


Mar 15, 2021

Oh, Lickety ... I am JUST NOW seeing. I am SO sorry, and yet, at the same time, relieved for you both! It is surreal when it first happens. Be ready and willing to cut yourself A LOT of slack during the next few months. I think it's merciful if the first few days are a blur to you. They were to me. Happy travels to your dear mother and welcome to Stage 8 ...


Valerie Heath-Harrison
Valerie Heath-Harrison
Mar 13, 2021

Oh, I am so sorry. 😞 It must be both a relief and horrid grief. My father had Lewy Body dementia and I’ve been following your journey for inspiration and strength. You are an amazing woman and I want to thank you for putting yourself out into cyberspace. You have been a comfort and I hope you can find some peace in your memories of better times. 💖💙💖


Mar 11, 2021

You all delivered Mom to her final home - what an arduous trip it was! You can now rest, exhausted but comforted, knowing that you accomplished what you set out to do. Time to take care of yourselve, for a change, since that is far, far past due.

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