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Pimp it out.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Medical bracelets that you actually want to wear.

Mom has a classic sense of style. Even though her choice of wardrobe has moved from classic to downright bizarre...

... she still enjoys lovely things.

When Mom first started feeling lost out in the world, she policed herself, she only went to places she knew really well and eventually gave up driving of her own accord. Still, we wanted her to have a medical bracelet. We didn't want the first time she wandered out of our reach to be the last. But the medical bracelet selections were brutish, obvious, ugly things, utilitarian looking with a red cross glaringly announcing that you got something wrong with you, big time.

We couldn't embarrass her by giving her one of those monstrosities, so we scoured the internet and found Lauren's Hope; truly pretty jewelry that indicates the wearer has medical issues without knocking your eyeballs out of your head. The online store was easy to use, and the bracelet we chose was just as pretty on her wrist as the picture online, with easy to read contact information on the back. Mom satisfaction: a 10. Ours: an 11. Now if we could just get her to stop dressing like a pimp.

p.s. Lauren's Hope has a cool selection of men's bracelets too.

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