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Stayin' Alive

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Here at Stumped Town Dementia we find ourselves unlikely researchers as we inadvertently gather anecdotal data on which disease is more destructive:

COVID-19 vs. Dementia

As of right now? Dementia is winning.

Mom is proving that she is a hard woman to kill. I guess I already knew that.

The Other Girl and I have spent the majority of our lives trying to give her a heart attack with our bad boyfriends, bad decisions, bad attitudes. And as she out maneuvered us with each catastrophe we cast at her feet, she is seemingly out maneuvering COVID-19 too.

Her cough has almost completely subsided. Her runny nose has gone dry. She has been up since 10 am today, wandering around, stopping to doze a bit in her chair, then resume wandering. Her eyes are bright. She is steadier on her feet. Her rage while receiving assistance at toileting has made a spectacular comeback. (Never thought that would be a cause for celebration, but it is!) And she's eating, not voraciously, but she has an appetite.

So, while I'm not ready to say we are completely out of the woods yet, the data is currently supporting our thesis that Mom is one tough old broad.

Maybe Dementia has given COVID-19 a fearsome shake of its staff while howling, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS! This one is mine!"

Lucky us?

I'm conflicted. A sudden virus that knocks Mom off the planet within days seems like a preferred demise over the slow, painful, snuffing out dementia's got planned for her.

But she's clearly not ready to move on. And having gone through these past few days so afraid for her, I realize I'm not ready to let her go either. (I guarantee you if/when she gets back to her old self and has resumed her normal schedule of full-scale caregiver torment, I will repent of the sentiment.)

So, we've managed some stayin' alive for one more day in our dementia household.

Heartfelt wishes from all of us at Stumped Town Dementia that you are managing some stayin' alive too.

Mom not at all impressed with my John Travolta impression.
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