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What's the scoop, poop?

I spill the beans on the RodgerThat Podcast!

I love it when hosts ask me to be on their podcasts! Mostly because I can't get anyone to listen to me 'round here. And while no one asks me back for a second go, I try to be as entertaining as possible the first time around before they cut my mic.

So I was thrilled to be a part of the RodgerThat Podcast, hosted by the gracious Mike and Bobbi Carducci. Mike and Bobbi spent 7-years caring for Rodger, Mike's father, as he lived with dementia. And when that journey was complete they dedicated their lives to sharing their experiences in support of others caregivers slogging through the muck of dementia caregiving.

I shared a few of our Stumped Town Dementia caregiver tales and plugged the upcoming Wine, Women, and Dementia documentary while having a truly wonderful time. Check it out here so you can cross this phrase off your bucket list, "Well, that's 33 minutes of my life I'll never get back."


And speaking of Wine, Women, and Dementia... dudes, it's looking good. I mean really good. I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I'm still pretty amazed that it's a real movie! Of family caregiver stories! Out there for the world to experience, out there encouraging more and more of us to share and advocate for our own journeys in whatever creative ways we see fit.

Okay, so it ain't out there yet, but it's coming!

We are trying to get a trailer done either next week or the week after, so stay tuned. I'll holler at you all when it's ready for your viewing pleasure! Or displeasure if the mood so strikes 'ya - what the hell, I'll still listen to your gripes.

And speaking of listening (Who's the queen of sequiturs now, eh?)... I'm not on this particular podcast - Booo! - but when I saw it come up I knew I'd want to spread the word. Caring for an Estranged Parent with Laura Davis & Karen C.L. Anderson is the latest episode from Daughterhood the Podcast, and a topic I don't see covered much in dementia social media. And yet I see frequently see dementia caregivers post on forums and FB pages about the challenges of caring for kinsman that were historically less than kind. If this is you, well you now have two pieces of podcast homework on your dementia plate. Hotcha!

So whether your punching dementia in the face this week, or dodging and weaving around dementia blows raining down on your psyche, pop in your ear buds and pour some podcast fun into your exhausted brains!

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Lickety Glitz
Lickety Glitz
Apr 25, 2022

One of those days, Jamie? I'm glad it gave you what you needed and I hope you get a good night sleep tonight. Now shhhhhhhhh... it's your bed time. 😴


Jamie Olson LaRose
Jamie Olson LaRose
Apr 24, 2022

Just listened! Needed it tonight. Thankee.

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