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Work in progress!

Some dementia doing is getting done.

Here at Stumped Town Dementia we are coming up on that slate of morbid milestones; Mom's birthday, Mom's fall, Mom's decline, Mom's death. It's certainly not the same traumatic feeling as 2022's 1-year anniversary (there's hope for caregiver recovery yet!), but it still feels like a slog. Even though I've felt like I'm underwater in the enthusiasm game as of late, much like my Mom caregiver days I'm actually accomplishing a lot more than I think.

New Website!

A big knock off the to-do list is the Wine, Women, and Dementia website redesign! With a little help from my friend Mr. Wizard, and the always impeccable text editing of Best Beth ("Too many words! Too many words!") we've got a much cleaner and creative design. Go poke around! Join the email list if you haven't already! Let me know what you think!

Wine, Women, and Dementia in the Final Round!

We have not booked a festival yet, but we have received notice that the film is in the Final Round of judging for inclusion in an upcoming June festival, and that's rocking my world.

Final round isn't a "For sure! You're in!" but it's encouraging and instead of being a sad Charlie Brown, anticipating somebody pulling that football away, I have decided to relish the excitement and Snoopy dance for joy.

Sooner rather than later...

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1st, I will be joining a lively group of folks on Aging Better Network's LinkedIn Live Stream at 10am PST. A little early for me to mentally on my game (as if I am ever), but I'll do my best to contribute to the fun. If you're all over the Linked In do join us, and connect with me if you're feeling adventurous!

Happy Healthy Caregiver

Through our partnership inquiries I've been getting to meet in-Zoom-person a lot of my caregiver heroes I've followed for years on social media. One such is Elizabeth Miller of Happy Healthy Caregiver. As we share the same goal of spreading caregiver awareness, Elizabeth has invited me to join her on Instagram Live, on May 10th, noon EST, and asked me to be a guest on the Happy Heathy Caregiver Virtual Cafe, on Wednesday, May 24th, noon EST (where we will be previewing a bit of Wine, Women, and Dementia!). If you don't already, start following Happy Healthy Caregiver on Instagram and/or TikTok to be invited to both events!

One last thing!

Sandy Burkett is a long-time reader of Stumped Town Dementia and even contributed a Day-In-The-Life video of her Mom which we used in Wine, Women, and Dementia. She recently started her own blog, processing and talking about her chronic illness and all the ups and downs that adds to life. I highly recommend you give The Last Diagnosis a spin. Informative and entertaining. Congratulations, Sandy!

Keep on caring on, caregivers!

~ Lickety

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