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Mother's Day Misery

What did you get your mother for Mother's Day? We got ours torture. In Dementialand, you never know if this year will be the last year you spend with your care partner. Will this be the last Thanksgiving turkey you'll lovingly prepare for your dementia person? Or the last Christmas present you'll choose with the utmost care and bestow with all your heart? Or the last Mother's Day you'll have to destroy their fragile psyche and make their life a living hell? You just never know, so you really make the most of these special days because next year it may only be memories you get to celebrate. The Other Girl and I weren't aware that our choice of Mother's Day experiences were going to elevate ou

Rantastic. I've had it.

Businesses, government agencies, doctors: DEMENTIA IS COMING! Get your shit together. I'm tired of doing your work for you. Oh, and about restrooms... I'm in a venting mood. And I don't mean vacuuming the cat hair out of the vents kind of venting. I'm talking volcano'ing Kilauea-style my boiling frustration with businesses, government entities, and medical professionals who are completely unprepared to serve their clients with severe cognitive impairment. If you are a power of attorney for your care partner, you know it's never simple to get business done on their behalf. The level of difficulty varies depending on the business/organization. For instance, Oregon DMV is actually pretty easy a

T-shirts! Get your Dementia T-shirts!

Just in time for Mother's Day. I found a lot of inspiration this week from the Forum Members on Alz.org who came up with their own care giver t-shirts after reading last week's post "I hate you ever day." In appreciation to them for giving me so many smiles and chuckles, and confirming that we are not alone on this journey, I give you Dementia T-Shirts! (If only they could be found in a store near us.) What would your care giver t-shirt say? #dementiahumor #may2018

I found my heART at art:NOW.

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso We had our first of five art:NOW sessions at the Portland Art Museum this week. Wow. Being with my Mom as she created art really did wash the dust of our everyday lives from my soul and gave me a rare glimpse of Mom completely happy and in the moment. It was magical! The session began with the group viewing and discussing particular pieces of art work within the museum for the first hour. That was a bit awkward. Out of the five sets of care partners, only one pair had been in an art:NOW session before, so the rest of us didn't know what to expect, and I was particularly worried I had signed Mom up for something she was too

Walk to End Alzheimer's

Join Team Stumped Town Dementia to make a difference in the lives of our loved ones facing Alzheimer's and other dementias, as well as providing invaluable support for our journey as care givers! If you've been doing this dementia caregiving stint for any length of time, you're probably already familiar with the Alzheimer's Association website. Like us, you've most likely consulted the forums, called the 24/7 Helpline, and/or read an article or two online; it's a go-to resource for those of us out on the front lines of this battle. I fervently invite you to join Team Stumped Town Dementia for the Walk to End Alzheimer's®, Sunday, August 26th. You can support our fundraising efforts in two wa

"I hate you every day."

You know, as you do. This week I dropped Mom off at A Place at the Center, her Wednesday respite care at Milwaukie Center. She was not pleased to be there. When we walked in the door, she looked around and flat-out said "No!" I knew I was in for trouble. I coaxed her further in, told her it was time to share her smile with others, and that The Other Girl would pick her up in two hours. Lisa, the APAC coordinator, had come over and was also encouraging Mom to come join the group. Mom, by no means convinced but seeing herself outnumbered, gave a nice smile to Lisa and an "Okay." But as she passed by me she treated me to a venomous look and a low voice to drop this bomb... "I hate you every day

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