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See 'ya, suckers!

I am blowing this popsicle stand! The Other Girl is back! And energized! And excited to be with Mom! So, I'm outta here. I head to Meh-hee-co in the morning, officially for a friends wedding, unofficially to put an entire country between me and Mom for a few days. I hope I too shall return in a triumph of spirit and vitality, ready to kiss Mom on the cheek, and punch dementia in the face over, and over, and over... Oh yeah, baby! These two little bits of ridiculous happiness are going with me! Bon Voyagee! #october2018

The power of friendship.

"...until we are old ladies - a cypress age, a Sawtooth age - I will continue to link arms with her, in public, in private, in a panic of love. ~ Karen Russell, Swamplandia! Caregiving is a rough, rough trade. You get a care giver and a logger to swap jobs for a day, and I betcha' that logger would flee in a flash of flannel at the first sign of fecal incontinence from an enraged geriatric. The care giver, however, would make it through their logging day without accidentally chainsawing their arm off (well... probably). I've been flying (Hans) solo since The Other Girl's been on vacation, and with the isolation, and Mom's onerous transition from memory care to home, the first week and a half

Flying (Hans) solo.

Or, it’s not wise to upset a wookiee Mom. This week my solo care giving stint has been going much better. No fathomless black holes of rage from me, and Mom's temper tantrums have also taken a turn towards moderation. Two showers in a row now have been achieved with no crying! (Okay, some pleading and then lots of pouting, but in dementia that's a galactic win!) I've been successful in lowering my frustration levels by using choice a lot more. And after having Saturday night off and getting to sleep in on Sunday (with the help of an overnight care giver), my patience also got the boost it badly needed. For example, Mom was adamant about skipping a shower the other morning all while desperate

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