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Dementia Vixen

Lock up your money makers, boys, Mom is on the make. We're back in a bit of dementia upswing again. Since December Mom has become more chatty with a lively lilt to her voice (utterly unintelligible, but you can tell she's pleased with her topic), is blessed with increased smiles and laughter, and experiencing boosted contentment for a good portion of her day. We aren't free of the rage stage but it hasn't been invited to the party much as of late. I'm glad to say "Good riddance to a terrible guest!" However, her appetite is also slowing down here and there, even with favorite foods, leading me to suspect we are accelerating our spiral into Stage 7; a prospect I can't decide if I welcome or d

Know Your Enemy

The horse's mouth is a good place to start. While I've never been in combat I have gathered from my extensive knowledge of nothing pertinent to this conversation that those running the battle field prefer to have full intel of their enemy's positions, strengths, weaknesses, and latrine locations in case they have to go potty real bad. As a family caregiver, I am warring against Dementia daily. Oh sure, I know we're gonna lose this fight but that doesn't mean I shouldn't arm myself with expertise on my enemy's wily ways so I can score as many defeats as possible - before we fizzle out in a blaze of sorrow. To do so I utilize social media to follow the true generals of this war: the men and wo

If I was in charge of dementia...

... things would be looking a lot different 'round here. For one, I'd insist on a crown, a lot of sycophants bowing in my presence, and two hot dogs, with ketchup, mustard, and raw sweet onions slathered all over 'em, followed by a three-scoop banana split delivered to me for lunch everyday. And after lunch I'd toss all the prostrated bootlickers out of my palatial dementia office and get to work. My official portrait that I shall have commissioned on my first day. So, if I was in charge of dementia from start to finish the journey would go a little something like this... My first reign of fire would scorch the healthcare industry - never again would a dementia diagnosis bomb be dropped with

I've been meaning to tell you...

A bunch of randos I've never gotten around to writing up. Have you ever wished there was a group of folks who would come pick up your dementia person, take them on adventures with other dementia people, and then see them safely home? Holy crap, kids, there is! Urban Excursions offers door-to-door social adventures for seniors, accommodating varying levels of mobility and cognition. Excursions include museums, historic home tours, arts centers and more with single excursion and multi-excursion packages for purchase. Urban Excursions is currently only available in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. I reached out to owner and "Adventure Specialist" Polly Bangs, who began the company while

Oh you Kings and Queens of Dementia

A reminder to myself that even when I stumble and fall I am still a dementia warrior. Oh you Kings and Queens of Dementia Who are trapped in the throes of the disease I wish you a smooth path Dappled with unexpected joys, unabashed love To light the darkness And a peaceful passing When it is your turn to move on Oh you Sons and Daughters of Dementia You Spouses, you Lovers, you Friends Who toil in service to those snug in your heart I wish you courage When you are empty, worn thin Oh to us on the front lines Who do battle everyday The brain has turned against us Yet we soldier on Warriors living with Champions fighting for Peace Lest we forget, we are Heroes Of home spun castles Of memory ca

"Happy holidays! Ho, ho, ho..."

Aw, to hell with it. After the catastrophic disaster of My Ugliest Truth in November I fell into a catatonic state when it came to writing posts, which sucks sons-of-a-nutcracker as that's how I'm able to process my feelings, examine my behaviors, better understand myself, and find solutions to improve the situation. Instead I choose to wallow in the doldrums, failing to muster up the spirit of the season. I was quite successful, however, of mustering up heaps of self-pity, inner gloom, and uncalled for levels of aggravation with my small world and the bigger one beyond; a nicely wrapped package of despair and hopelessness blanketing me like a soot stained snow storm. Now, the last time I ch

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