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The movie making is going strong.

Here at Stumped Town Dementia headquarters, Wine, Women and Dementia: The Documentary has been steamrolling right over me, leaving me bewildered, breathless, and playing catch-up. Luckily, the post-production team has this cinematic cacophony well in hand.

Our dementia caregiver stories attracted the talent of Greg Byers, an Emmy-nominated director, editor, producer, and a member of the Motion Picture Editors Guild. His most recent feature documentary Like a Rolling Stone: The Life & Times of Ben Fong-Torres by Suzanne Joe Kai was just nominated for the 2022 Writers Guild Awards.

When he applied for the gig I rather incredulously rummaged through his credentials, wondering how on earth our dementia family caregiver story (and the meager salary attached to it) interested an editor of his caliber. His response?

"There are a lot of hidden gems in small films... basically I love real stories from folks with true insight and passion... and if the film has impact to create change all the better!"

Sold! Having a big damn deal editor believe in this project almost as much as we all do made this an easy hire. And he's been a dream to work with as I try and stay two steps ahead of him while always 10 steps behind!

We also hauled a top-notch post-production producer up from all the way Down Under! (Although he had already relocated to Los Angeles, so not quite as impressive of a feat.) Taki Oldham has made documentaries for like likes of PBS, Sony Classic Pictures and Participant Films. Taki also created and co-directed the acclaimed Netflix Original docuseries The Confession Killer, which me and my swollen jawline devoured while recuperating from oral surgery - it's even creepier on pain meds!

And while I puzzle out story structure, adapt a hero's journey to documentary story telling, and stumble through a maze of additional filmmaking skills I have not hitherto possessed, The Best Beth has remained a steadfast partner, lending her narrative screen writing skills to help define and hone our documentary tale.

The Best Beth thought she was rid of me when I dropped her in L.A. - HA!

Please join us in this documentary making endeavor! This week's sister post, "We're gonna need a bigger movie", lists three opportunities for you and your dementia person to be a part of Wine, Women, and Dementia and I'm hoping each and every one of you takes me up on the offer!

So, BREAKING NEWS everybody - the movie making is making magic! I'm barely keeping pace, but the team has got the dream well in hand.

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