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Dementia conversations. They're the best.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We had a wonderful day today. The Boyfriend's sister and two nieces joined us for a matinee of the Jefferson Dancers, and a bite to eat. A spectacular performance, great company to see it with, a yummy meal, and a smiley Mom all day. Yeah me! I was feeling like a care giver hero. So, of course, I wanted Mom to acknowledge it. As she and I drove home I threw her a leading question and got ready for my pat on the back.


"Did you have a nice day?"


"Yes. (pause) But I'm upset."


"What are you upset about?"


"I don't know."


"Are you upset because I'm too pretty?"

Mom (no pause)



"Geez, Mom! You could at least say 'Yes' to be nice."



A few moments pass in silence.

Me (not giving up)

"Are you upset 'cause I'm so smart?"




(lots of laughter)

She's still wily, that old broad, and has not yet forgotten how to out maneuver me.

Well, played, Mother. Well, played.

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