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Oh, Dementia, you so crazy!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

It truly does Take A Village to keep Mom engaged and lively while living with vascular dementia. Luckily, we've got one!

I haven't had an opportunity to write the last few weeks; my free time lately has been after Mom goes to bed, and by then I'm too mentally worn down to construct a proper sentence, or even an improper one (which is more my skill set). Visual storytelling, however, is a bit easier when you're pooped! I went through a bunch of random videos I'd collected over this last year and realized they told a story about... much crazy life and crazy shit goes on with dementia; Mom, myself, and The Other Girl are blessed to have an amazing collection of relatives and friends who help us celebrate it, bemoan it, laugh at it, and get through it.

So whether she's giving dirty looks, throwing garbage out the back door, or strolling through life in mismatched footwear, the inhabitants and visitors of Stumped Town Dementia are ready to help her, and us, make the most of it.

On behalf of the town's Mayor (Mom) and the two resident Village Idiots (myself and The Other Girl), thank you, fair citizens.

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