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Dementia Dichotomy

I have come to the conclusion that all emotions are valid in dementia. From caregiver frustration, to dementia rage, or the too often experience of despair and the not often enough blessed relief of laughter.

All have been a part of our journey. Sometimes expressed at wildly inappropriate times, which makes them all the more appropriate.

Dementia doesn't put up with the personal disinformation we regularly feed ourselves to get by; it forces you to feel what you feel when you feel it.

For me, I often simultaneously experience emotions that are polar opposites of each other. Hence the two posts today: Nothing and its unlikely companion Huh. Well, how 'bout that? One is filled with terror, the other a strange calm. Both have taken turns sharing the spotlight in the last 24 hours.

I'm stuck in a Dementia Dichotomy: an utterly bewildering place to be, but valid nonetheless.

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