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Dementia T-Shirts Part II:

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The Caregiver Collection

Way back in Stumped Town Dementia's humble beginnings, I had the idea that we all needed Dementia T-Shirts, dementia awareness raising attire that sported some of the wild words our dementia folks spit at us in moments of nothing that resembles love.

It never really took off for a couple of reasons: a) most of our readers back then were me, and b) it really is a terrible idea.

But as I've built my entire existence on one terrible idea after another, I figure I'll continue to stumble ahead stupidly with the same strategy.

My favorite in the previous Dementia T-Shirt collection is still...

Here's the tender (i.e. venomous) moment that produced this quote.

But now that I've been at this dementia caregiver gig for awhile I've come up with a whole new line. This time from the family caregiver point-of-view.


Ladies and Broads! Gentleman and Scoundrels! I give you...

Dementia T-Shirts Part II: The Caregiver Collection

Yes, these never-to-come-to-a-store-near-you garments will be the talk of the town amongst the caregiver fashionistas this season!

They have been lovingly constructed with the highest-quality bitterness (tinged with humor), and top-of-the-line frustration (mixed with love).

The Gloria

Inspired by Gloria

The "We're doing our best, PETA!"

Inspired by Mr. Bones

The Ouch!

Inspired by "Gee, I guess she's hungry?"

The "No we're not!"

Inspired by immeasurable depths of patience from caregivers world-wide.

Crafted with care, affection, and an abundance of repressed anger, these gems are completely customizable to your family caregiver grievances!

Want to place an order of 100+ units? Of course not! Nobody does! But if you want to submit your own dementia household's too often repeated phrases I'll happily make you a t-shirt graphic of your very own for those days when you desperately need a giggle.


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