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Her ears were cold...

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

... so now she looks like an old-timey toothache.

Dementia is so often described as heartbreaking, devastating, destructive, horrible, and it is.

But it's also hilarious, comical, even endearing in a weird way, and an opportunity to be the best daughter you can be. I mean, my dad died three weeks after receiving a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer - the cancer just barreled through him - and in that short amount of time so much was not said; we were struck speechless with fear, denial, and then the sudden finality of grief. Is that better than the long goodbye of dementia? I don't know. I do know that by the time my mother passes away, there will not be a single thing that we haven't said or done for each other. I will never get to feel that way about my dad.

So while there's no getting around that dementia SUUUUUUUUCCKKKS, I am going to celebrate the insanity, and appreciate the laughter. It not my fault it's also funny. It just is.

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