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... but getting on the road anyway!


“Art is the closest we can come to understanding how a stranger really feels.”

~ Roger Ebert, Film Critic


I don't know how the late Roger Ebert would feel about our soon-to-be filmed documentary, Wine, Women, and Dementia -

Hell, I don't even know how I feel about it as I sit here with this much time...

... to do this many things.

("Ms. Glitz, is this the dumbest thing you've ever attempted seeing as you've never made a documentary before?" "Not even close, but due to my good friend wine, I don't remember most of the others.")

But I know it's happening so I best get my butt in gear and let you all know what days on the route we have some extra down time on the off-chance we can share a moment of camaraderie and cheer as we blunder across America. (I'll be the one blundering; the crew actually knows what they're doing.)

Monday, September 6: Wilson's RV Park in Wendell, Idaho, after 6pm

Wednesday, September 8: Holiday RV Park Campground, North Platte, Nebraska, after 6pm

Tuesday, September 14: Location TBD in or around Bridgeport, Connecticut, after 6pm

Saturday, September 18: La Maison Rouge, Atlanta, Georgia, noon - 2pm

Tuesday, September 21: Location TBD in or around DeSoto, Texas, noon - 1pm

If anyone is interested/available let me know which date in the comments below or email me at I would love to meet you but I know most of you are working family caregivers and that ain't always in the cards - and if the only thing keeping you from hanging is your dementia person, well, bring 'em along! I would love to meet them too!

FYI... I will wear my mask when meeting you and require you to do so too. Don't give two snits about the politics - I have to stay healthy or the rest of the shoot is off and as this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me I will not take a health risk and lose the whole she-bang. So come masked! And vaxxed to boot is even better!

Now, if the past is any indication, meeting me in person will definitely be a big disappointment for you, so to make it worth your while we have SWAG!

Yes, I ordered a whole box of these buggers so the next time you're out traversing the wilds, dear reader, you will have a sturdy tin mug to drink your wine from.

And if you should see this monstrosity of promotion chug through your state do give us a honk and a wave! (Conversely, if you should see it stranded by the side of the road call us a tow truck.)

We're gonna be hard to miss.


While I'm not sure our final product will be considered "art" by movie critics like Mr. Ebert, my hope is that Wine, Women, and Dementia will offer the world an understanding of how it really feels to be a dementia family caregiver - that our dementia households are their neighbors and friends doing the best we can - not strangers in their communities.



But with any luck no longer strangers.


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