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The Greatest Dementia Activity EVER!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Opening Minds Through Art (OMA) at Rose Villa

Of all the ways we've found to keep Mom socialized and engaged with her world, Opening Minds through Art at Rose Villa is definitely the standout.

About OMA Art

“OMA was founded by Dr. Elizabeth “Like” Lokon in 2007 and is grounded in person-centered care principles. People with dementia (artists) are paired with volunteers who are trained to rely on imagination instead of memory and focus on remaining strengths instead of lost skills."

There are three sessions a year; five one-hour classes in a session. The fantastic OMA Art Show concludes each session with the artists works on display, a silent auction, and best of all complimentary wine! (I mean, the art is terrific, but free wine is hard to come by.) Each class session is $95.00. As a non-resident of Rose Villa, the care partner is required to remain on site during class, but the cafe is open and the brownies are delicious. (Sadly, no free wine offered at the cafe.)

Mom Satisfaction

"OMA enables people with dementia to assume new roles as artists and teachers and leave a legacy of beautiful artwork.”

On a scale of 1 - 10 in Mom Satisfaction, OMA is an 11. She exhibits some anxiety when we drop her at the classroom door, but has a smile on her face when we pick her up. We enrolled her in all three sessions last year. Her volunteer adores Mom and is becoming family to us. Friends and family flock to the Art Show and outdo each other to bid on Mom's artwork, and the work of other artists too. (Tip: don't go up against my sister in a bidding war - you will either lose your shirt or lose your artwork.) Mom, who was never much for being the center of attention, glows with pleasure seeing her art framed and displayed, and seeing her favorite faces in attendance.

For More Information

The next session begins in February, 2018. To learn more about OMA at Rose Villa, contact Melodie Reid, Activities Director. I can't recommend it enough. It's been a vital part of our life with Mom. Hope to see you at the bidding tables!

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