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The OMA Art Show!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

A timid, anxious mother went into the Art Show, a smiling, proud artist came out.

Last Friday we gathered the troops and headed to the Opening Minds Through Art Art Show at Rose Villa. Well, first we started at a bar close to Rose Villa that brashly boasts they have "Great Hamburgers!" on a sign out front. Unfortunately, it was also great air-conditioning, on what was a chilly night to start with, so Mom, having no tolerance for the slightest of chills, was not in the best of moods when we arrived. She stayed close to The Other Girl, overwhelmed by the amount of people in attendance. But with the help of Jan, her wonderful OMA volunteer, her face gradually brightened. "Pretty!" she exclaimed as she pointed to her piece in the auction. And it was.

With glasses of "not-bad-for-free!" wine in our hands we roamed the aisles of artwork, both the silent auction pieces and the artists' featured pieces. The Other Girl was uncharacteristically kind about the silent auction; knowing Jan was hoping to take home Mom's auction piece she resisted driving up the bid. She was less charitable to me, however, swooping down on a bid sheet in the final seconds, snatching another artist's painting out from under me.

Other highlights included Mom naming one of her featured pieces "Glitter River"! That one will be coming home to us soon and I'm pretty sure I know who to bestow it upon.

And then Mom asked to hold a big baby.

Mom promptly gave that big baby back when the weight of him hit her lap!

Colton, so sweet, so sleepy, so BIG!

Opening Minds through Art has been an outstanding way to keep Mom engaged and creative. The next session at Rose Villa will start in the fall, but OMA is offered all over the world. You can find more information on their national website, or on my previous post: The Greatest Dementia Activity EVER!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to celebrate Mom the artist! It was a great evening. It was just an okay hamburger.

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