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We got a Teaser!

No, no! Not these lovely ladies, although they do look like they could give dementia a run for its money!

We got a Wine, Women, and Dementia: The Documentary Teaser!

Gee, I feel so official.

Now that we've reached the Teaser milestone, and I've got proof that this is an endeavor worthy of your support it's time to ask our dementia family caregiver community for "Hewlp!" to finish this film.

I've done a hella job getting all the movie-making kids paid so far, but as of late I've resorted to nabbing nickels, dimes, and any other loose currency The Boyfriend in the Basement has been foolish enough to leave out in the open, so now I need to invite caregivers far and wide to be a part of Wine, Women, and Dementia's success!

Your tax-deductible donation will fund the remainder of editorial, animation and graphic pieces in the film, professional color, music cues, sound design, uprezzing and onlining footage - all making Wine, Women, and Dementia a documentary of the highest quality, visually and audibly deserving of our caregiver stories.

Silly feller. Left his change lying around where I could see it.

Throughout the month I'll release additional "Movie Extras!" clips on the Wine, Women, and Dementia website. These are moments from our caregiver interviews that did not make it in the film but were so informative, captivating, giggle-inducing and tear wiping we won't let them go to waste.

Done with the spiel and just want to see the teaser? Head on over to the Wine, Women, and Dementia website now! The page also offers an opportunity to donate.

"Teaser-shmeazer! Get to the money, honey!" Tired of me typing atcha' and ready to be a part of getting this movie across the finish line? You can go directly to our Fractured Atlas Support page to give a little or a lot! (Fractured Atlas is the film's Fiscal Sponsor, making your contribution a tax-deductible benefit for you.)

Please donate! All amounts are welcomed and deeply appreciated to not only complete the film, but show our caregiver solidarity to the rest of the world - they may want to ignore the challenges and struggles of 55 million dementia households around the globe, but we ain't gonna let 'em by dropping Wine, Women, and Dementia right in front of their faces.


"I can't unsee it! I can't unsee it!"

(Don't worry. No actual jpgs were harmed in the making of this blog post. Hotcha!)


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