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We've made it to New Hampshire!

The Gloria is punching this road trip in the face!

I had my doubts but The Gloria has actually made it all the way to New Hampshire. This is as far east as we go, now we start heading south and back to the west from here (at least I think so... I still can't keep geometry and geography straight).

One upcoming change: we will not be hanging in Bridgeport, Connecticut tomorrow, September 14th, instead we are stopping in Worcester, Massassachusetts (a city I can't pronounce and a state I can't spell) for a late lunch to meet a long-time caregiver friend I have come to appreciate and respect on the Alzconnected forums the last few years. You are welcome to join us if you so desire, but do let me know with an email so I may notify you of our exact arrival time. We will most likely be there between 2 and 3pm, noshing on the patio of the Flying Rhino Cafe.

That's about all the update I have 'cause I gotta jump in the shower and be ready for our next formal caregiver interview this evening with Matt and Lindsay Perrin - I met them through their Ro & Steve Senior Care Review blog about three years ago and have found a lot of support through this virtual friendship.

Meet ups at the following locations if any of you are available:

  • Saturday, September 18: La Maison Rouge, Atlanta, Georgia, noon - 2pm

  • Tuesday, September 21: Location TBD in or around DeSoto, Texas, noon - 1pm

For more pics from the trip join us on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook under @winewomenanddementia!

(Instagram is proving to be the easiest to access on the road).

Beth, Barnaby, and chickens in Iowa.

Al Capone-style mosquitos shot us up in Chicago.

And wine everywhere!

Have a good dementia caregiver day today, friends. And if it can't be good,

hide in a closet until the dust settles.

(All's fair in love and dementia!)

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