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Well for heaven's sake, I am delightful!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Who'd a thunk it.

Stumped Town Dementia is the featured guest on this month's episode of Daughterhood, The Podcast, and I must say I come off surprisingly delightful!

I know this because I just listened to the whole thing before deciding if I would let you all in on it as I have a life-long bad habit of unintentionally being as not delightful as possible at damn near every turn.

I believe the credit goes to host Rosanne Corcoran who managed to skillfully keep me on topic (although, I did run rampant with the dementia monkey idea before she could reign me back in). She was a pleasure to talk with and I'm honored to share our Stumped Town Dementia journey with her audience.

Listen to it here, and just you try and be not-enraptured with my delightful self!

I dare you.

And when you're done being enchanted by my charm and wit, head over to the Daughterhood website to learn more about this organization that supports and builds confidence in women who are managing their parent's care. To do this they offer Circle Gatherings, helpful Resources, and their own informative Blog tackling topics like caregiving during COVID.


And on the topic of podcasts, When They Forget is a new caregiving podcast that features our stories as caregivers - a concept I love. Started by two sisters who are caring for their mother with Alzheimer's (hmmmm... sounds familiar!), they seek to battle the isolation and loneliness of caregiving by featuring stories from you, me, and all fellow caregivers in the dementia universe. A weekly dose of "Hey, you are not alone!"

Submitting your story is easy either through a call-in line, recording a voice memo and emailing it to them, or, if you're shy about the sound of your own voice, submit a written piece that they will read on-air.

When I write a post, diving into my dementia experience to share a story of what we're currently dealing with, it is cathartic for me.

It helps me process and examine where I'm at in this journey, where Mom is at, what improvements I can make in caregiving, or even what horrible experiences I want never to repeat.

That's not everyone's strategy for getting through the dementia debacle, but if you're on the fence about sharing a story with When They Forget, I highly recommend you give it a try. Perhaps the same catharsis awaits you, and if not, well, no worries, not everyone can be as delightful as me.

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