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Playing catch-up.

I can't catch up to this documentary process. It's roaring ahead whether I'm ready or not, but I can catch you up on all that's been going on as we get ready to hit the road!


The Gloria

Get a load of this bad girl!

She's old, kinda smelly, and may give us trouble on the trail, so I've named her 'The Gloria" in honor of Mom who proudly flaunted all the same attributes the final years of her life.

So far I've busted the fold out steps, pulled out of the driveway while it was plugged in bending the electrical apparatus, and discovered that the toilet sorta works and is quite odiferous (not in a pleasant way). Cross your fingers that I don't run her into a ditch and that she makes it all the way around the country!

Yeah, they're not supposed to be slanted like that.


The Website

The Wine, Women, and Dementia website is up, as is the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts!

My traveling companion, The Best Beth, will be helping me post daily if you'd like to follow along on our mishap of a journey.

She's the best Beth I've ever met.


The Sponsors

And we are so appreciative of the sponsor support we have received so far; has thrown their backing behind the film with both financial and promotional support! Our gratitude is unbounded - seriously, it's bouncing around in the atmosphere right now completely out of control!

And four of our fantastic Pacific Northwest wineries were excited enough about the project to be our featured wineries for the shoots! A shout-out to Patricia Green Cellars, Maysara Winery, Three Rivers Winery, and Headturner Wine Company - all of which are utterly delicious! If you're looking to supplement your wine stash consider supporting our featured wineries in thanks for their support of this documentary.

You know how sometimes you have a great idea, and then you think it's a terrible idea, and then you tell some folks and they say it's a great idea, and then you know you haven't made the biggest mistake of your life? Well, getting the support of not only you guys, but organizations putting their money on the line also boosts my often lacking confidence that this particular idea ain't a train wreck of my own making. That feels good.

We will do more fundraising in the coming months! It is wonderful to have this support as we set out.


Speaking of support...

As I was too busy creating a documentary I was not able to pull together a team for the 2021 Walk to End Alzheimer's. If any of you had or have a team this year, would you toss your team's fundraising link in the comments so I may donate?


The Other Girl

Well, somebody knows my greatest desires/weaknesses! Found this box on my doorstep the other day and after texting several friends accusing them of very astute thoughtfulness I found out The Other Girl had sent it to wish me Happy Trails! Happy trails indeed, nom, nom, nom!


And that's that.

So, that's all my news to date, my caregiver warriors. We leave this Sunday whether I'm ready or not! Check out the post Overrun for info on our route and ops to meet up if we're in your corner of the world.

I suspect Stumped Town Dementia will be pretty quiet while on the road, but do hook up with us on the Wine, Women, and Dementia social media apps to see what we're dementia-up-to, and let me know how you're faring in your journey too.

Safe travels to us all on this unpredictable dementia road!

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Janelle Martin
Janelle Martin
Sep 04, 2021

Bon Voyage, have a fabulous time. For some reason The Gloria reminded me of Priscilla Queen of the Desert ( We can only dream of travel at the moment, our part of Australia, Canberra ACT, is in lockdown til 17 September and other states also have lockdowns and border closures. It's ok as we can go out for 2 hours exercise and to get groceries and some other essential stuff. Some people are working from home and trying to home school kids which would be tough. Will be enjoying a vicarious holiday experience.

Lickety Glitz
Lickety Glitz
Sep 07, 2021
Replying to

Janelle! I got so busy with getting all the final tasks done to get on the road (and some just plain didn't) this is the first time I've had a chance to get back to you and say "YES! I wish we were as cool as Priscilla!" We're doing our best.

We are on day two on the trip and so far The Gloria has kept going! We are being crazy careful on the road to avoid the Delta variant here but I am worried about a couple of the states we're going through. I understand frustration with more lockdowns. I'm not sure letting us all run around the country here is the best idea but we're trying to be…

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