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DEMENTIA products

Merch that's worked for us.

  • Dementia Medical Bracelets - We've ordered two dementia

     alert bracelets from Lauren's Hope; great designs and wonderful

     customer service. They have both men and women's medical alert

     designs. (Post: Pimp it out!)

  • Compression Socks - While helpful, I'm pretty sure traditional

     compression socks are one of Satan's favorite methods of torture.

     We could not get those cement fabric tubes on Mom's swollen feet

     AT ALL! Enter Sockwell. Not as compression-y as those hideous,

     mini-Iron Maiden options, but enough to actually put on and work their

     compression magic! (Post: Compression socks: what fresh new hell is this?)


  • Securing Doors - The Boyfriend in the Basement picked up Safety 1st Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Covers at our local Home Depot and they are batting 1,000% in deterring Mom from walking through doors she shouldn't. They did not fit the small door knobs at my sister's place, but work great at our house. A common Flip Lock secures our front door, it is the same color as the door itself making it invisible to her. We were going to reposition it above eye level but it's worked perfectly where it's at so we've never bothered. Wooden dowels in the screen door tracts completes the house lock-down.

  • Incontinence - During the transition from self-toileting to pottying anytime/anywhere we got Mom Icon Pee Proof Panties. They are spendy ($39 a pair) but it gave Mom dignity to continue wearing traditional underwear prior to needing full-on pull-ups. We are past that phase now, both cognitively and physically, and have found store bought Depends to work just fine. Oh and this washable/waterproof bed pad has done the job for any accidents in the nighttime. 


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