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Stayin' Alive

Here at Stumped Town Dementia we find ourselves unlikely researchers as we inadvertently gather anecdotal data on which disease is more destructive: COVID-19 vs. Dementia As of right now? Dementia is winning. Mom is proving that she is a hard woman to kill. I guess I already knew that. The Other Girl and I have spent the majority of our lives trying to give her a heart attack with our bad boyfriends, bad decisions, bad attitudes. And as she out maneuvered us with each catastrophe we cast at her feet, she is seemingly out maneuvering COVID-19 too. Her cough has almost completely subsided. Her runny nose has gone dry. She has been up since 10 am today, wandering around, stopping to doze a bit

Put on a happy face?

Death is closer. Then before. As our towns shutter, our streets empty, our neighborhoods hush, Death seems to loom over us all with a ghastly grin, merrily mocking "Maybe I'll take this one! Maybe I'll take that one!" while poking and prodding the populace at random. Then it ventures even closer. Mom has tested positive for COVID-19. She and I both have had off-and-on coughs and sniffles since January. Nothing new for either of us; Mom no longer has the capacity to protect herself from any germs at any time of the year, and I smoke like a chimney, so, I've kept my eye on her sniffs and snorts but haven't worried too much. Three days ago her coughing increased, dry, incessant. The sniffles tu

It is a beautiful afternoon.

Sun floods the front room. The daffodils in the flower beds bob their yellow heads in time with Nature's breaths. The trees outside, bereft of their plumage for months, shimmer with color: green buds, white and pink blossoms, all gently pulsating with new life, readying itself for the burst of spring. It is a beautiful afternoon. I stare at her. With my hands propping up my head I watch her from across the table. She slowly picks at her lunch, taking small bites for sustenance while equally savoring the texture of the sandwich squishing between her fingers. She picks up the empty plate that held the sandwich. She tries to drink from it like a soup bowl. There is no confusion in her face when

So, what do you do with a drunken sailor during a pandemic?

(Don't you scoff at the comparison! I've met many a drunken sailor in my day - don't ask - Mom could easily give any one of 'em a run for their money in the bad behavior category.) Did any of you dementia family caregivers chuckle just a wee bit when reading the guidelines for protection against COVID-19? I did. Cover her mouth when she coughs - You must be joking? Pry a used tissue out of her claw-like grasp - Fat chance! Get her to put her hands under a running faucet for even a fraction of a second - Too funny! Maintain 6-feet of "social-distancing" - ROFL! <gasp for air> ROFL some more! I couldn't help but succumb to a bout of exasperated snorts and snickers as I read through the CDC's r

Dementia Birthday!

Our dementia doll racks up another year and proves she is still the cat's meow! Here at Stumped Town Dementia, U.S.A. we spent much of February swinging and slinging birthday cheer all over the joint! Is she another year older? Yep! Is she another year wiser? Nope! Can she blow out the candles all on her own? Not on your life, but that didn't stop her from enjoying the spotlight at celebrations in her honor! And the desserts. Mom mostly enjoyed the desserts. In fact, she prolly could of done without all the rest of us and been quite happy with an endless supply of cupcakes. No matter! We had a thrilling week of sugar-highs and howdy-do's for our favorite dementia dame! So, Happy Birthday, Mo

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