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"Winning The Most Birthdays!" Game

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

She's still in the running!

Mom added to her "Winning The Most Birthdays!" Game score this month by turning another year older. Of course, she's got a ways to go before she's a real threat to Kane Tanaka; at 116 years of age, Ms. Tanaka is the current reigning champion. Still, Mom is kicking it hard - out birthday'ing approximately 6,900,000,000 other people on the planet! I'd say that's a def spot in the Winner's Circle for Mom.

Kane Tanaka, age 116,

World Champion "Winning The Most Birthdays!" Game,

slurping down a big bowl of "Suck it, 'ya losers!"

We celebrated Mom's special day with a delicious dinner made by Ridiculously Tall Grandson Number Two. Followed by a "blow-out the candle, Mom!" fiasco, and then The Other Girl and I took her to see Smokey Robinson!

Mom's beaming in the afterglow of the show!

I was worried we had dropped too much dinero on a show she wouldn't give two shites about, but she had a great time; clapped, hummed along, and only napped briefly.

And we're not quite done celebrating her yet. This weekend we'll host a simple lunch at home, with CAKE, for friends and family. (I'm pretty sure Dementia Mom loves cake more than me - come to think of it, Not Dementia Mom might have preferred cake over my, uh... unique charms too.)

And in other news of note...

Mom was named February's Participant of the Month at Thelma's Place! I was super stoked for the gold medal and cash award that I assumed would accompany such a distinguished honor, but it actually turned out to be just a cork board exhibit of Mom's life, taken down at the end of February for whomever's picked chump of the month next. Kidding! It made us happy!

Participant of the Month doesn't just happen you know!

Mom showing off her award-winning, mask-wearing strategy.

Mom clasping her Tuesday/Thursday thrill!

Mom's also been engaging in a clandestine relationship with a fine feller behind our backs. He too walks the mall with friends the same days Mom does! Coincidence? Maybe, but as she stood naked and furious with me and The Other Girl this morning after her shower, fighting hard while we tried to help her dress, I did remark that she was still a sexy beast, one that I'm quite certain is enjoying her flirtatious encounters, and wouldn't trade those mornings out for anything.

And our recent acquisition of a third MotherMinder has been a fantastic addition to our care giving team! We've just finished week three of 4-day live-in care, and it's going really well. Each week MotherMinder gets more comfortable with Mom's routine, finds new ways to engage Mom, has her Mom-successes to crow about, and her Mom-failures to let go of. She even talked about trying to shower Mom herself! I've got a hockey mask and padding on order for her...

Oh, and I got a JOB! Can you believe I suckered some poor saps into putting up with my care giver schedule? Well, I did. It's non-profit administrative work and they only need eight hours a week, most of which I can do from home, which felt like a safe way to make my first foray back into the so-called "regular" work-force.

So, while February has had it's challenges, it's been nowhere near the suck-fest that January offered up. We've been keeping the house filled with laughter (even when it's not Mom's), and love (even when she's not loving on us at all). The Seroquel has offered rage relief - although, anything to do with undressing or showering is still akin to setting off a hydrogen bomb - but we're managing to spend more time with Little Miss Funshine this month over Pussycat Kill! Kill! from the last. And that, my fellow dementia denizens, is just fine by me.

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2 comentários

Lickety Glitz
Lickety Glitz
22 de fev. de 2019

Happy Birthday to her, Tracy! Our February babies!


Tracy Danielson
Tracy Danielson
22 de fev. de 2019

Today's my wife's birthday! She can now retire.

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